GENIE Z33/18 



The Genie Z33/18 is a lightweight and highly efficient electric articulated boom lift designed to meet various access needs. With a maximum working height of 12m and a maximum outreach of 5.57m, it provides operators with ample reach for elevated tasks. The platform capacity of 200kg allows for the safe transport of tools and materials. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
12 m 
Raised Platform Height 
10 m 
Working Outreach 
5.57 m 
1.50 m 
4.17 m 
Stowed Height  
1.98 m 
3665 kg 
Platform Capacity 
200 kg 
Power Source 
Genie Z33/18 electric boom hire from PG Platforms



Genie Z33/18 Overview 

Featuring a compact design with an overall width of 1.50m and a stowed length of 4.17m, the Genie Z33/18 offers excellent maneuverability in confined spaces. Its tight turning radius enables operators to navigate through standard doorways and maneuver around obstacles with ease. 
Equipped with a turntable rotation Fast Mast™ boom function, the Genie Z33/18 is well-suited for tasks in sensitive environments such as airports, shopping centers, and theaters. Its lightweight construction minimises the risk of floor damage while providing exceptional performance. 
The Genie Z33/18 is a versatile machine that combines the benefits of a genuine electric indoor lift with the capability to perform outdoor routine maintenance tasks. With its standard AC drive transmission and great ground clearance, it ensures smooth operation and maneuverability on various surfaces. 
The Genie Z33/18 is equipped with non-marking or outdoor multi-surface tires, allowing it to maintain traction and performance in different environments. With a gradeability of 30% and a ground clearance of 15.2cm, it handles outdoor terrains with ease. 
In summary, the Genie Z33/18 is a lightweight and efficient electric articulated boom lift suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its compact design, turntable rotation Fast Mast™ boom function, and specialized features make it a versatile choice for tasks in sensitive areas. Experience the combination of indoor performance and outdoor capabilities with the Genie Z33/18, ideal for environments such as airports, shopping centers, theaters, and more. 
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