The Haulotte Star10 is a highly sought-after vertical mast boom lift that excels both indoors and outdoors. With its narrow turning radius and compact design, it offers easy access to small spaces where maneuverability is key. This makes it the perfect choice for cleaning, maintenance, and repair work in retail stores, factories, and other confined environments 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
10 m 
Raised Platform Height 
8 m 
Working Outreach  
3 m 
1 m 
2.7 m 
Stowed Height  
1.99 m 
2677 kg 
Platform Capacity 
200 kg 
Power Source 
Haulotte star 10 electric boom hire by PG Platforms



Haulotte Star 10 Overview 

With a working height of 10m and 360º rotation, the Haulotte Star10 provides users with exceptional versatility for indoor applications. Whether it's accessing high shelves or working in tight spaces, this boom lift ensures efficient and safe operation. It is equipped with essential safety features including a motion alarm, flashing beacon, and an anti-entrapment system, ensuring operator well-being during use. 
The Haulotte Star 10 boasts a safe working load of 200kg, allowing operators to transport tools and materials with ease. With a weight of 2,760kg, it provides stability and reliability for a range of tasks. The platform height of 8m allows for elevated access, while the compact closed width of 1m ensures easy navigation through narrow passages. 
Equipped with non-marking tires, the Haulotte Star 10 is suitable for indoor use, where floor protection is crucial. Additionally, its outdoor capabilities make it a versatile choice for various job site conditions. The boom lift performs best on finished ground conditions, ensuring smooth operation. 
The platform/deck size of 0.78m x 0.98m offers ample space for operators to work comfortably. The closed length of 2.62m allows for convenient transportation and storage. With a 360° rotation feature, operators have enhanced flexibility and reach. 
With it's electric powered engine, the Haulotte Star10 is a reliable and eco-friendly choice. As a product of Haulotte, a reputable manufacturer, this boom lift meets high industry standards for quality and performance. 
In summary, the Haulotte Star10 vertical mast boom lift is a versatile and compact unit suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With its narrow turning radius, easy access to small spaces, and exceptional specifications such as the 10m working height and 360° rotation, it offers efficiency and safety for various applications. Choose the Haulotte Star10 for reliable performance, convenience, and versatility in retail stores, factories, and other work environments that require precise and agile access equipment. 
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