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JLG 520AJ 



The JLG 520AJ Diesel Boom Lift is a standout cherry picker in its class, combining power, versatility, and efficiency in one formidable package. With its enhanced technical specifications, it distinguishes itself from other boom lifts on the market. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
18 m 
Raised Platform Height 
16 m 
Working Outreach  
10 m 
2.35 m 
7.77 m 
Stowed Height  
2.27 m 
7985 kg 
Platform Capacity 
250 kg 
Power Source  
JLG 520AJ diesel boom for hire from PG Platforms



JLG 520AJ Overview 

The JLG 520AJ boasts a platform height of an impressive 16 meters (or 52.5 feet), giving operators the ability to reach substantial heights with ease. Its unrestricted platform capacity of 250 kilograms (or 551.2 pounds) adds to its versatility, ensuring the ability to carry more materials and tools, a significant upgrade from the previous capacity of 230 kilograms. 
With a remarkable horizontal outreach of 10 meters (or 32.8 feet), the JLG 520AJ provides half a meter more reach than its counterparts. This increased work envelope ensures tasks that were previously out of reach are now within grasp. 
Among its key features, the JLG 520AJ boasts a variable speed engine control, providing superior fuel efficiency that effectively reduces operating costs. Coupled with a 50% faster full elevation time, it substantially improves worker efficiency. 
This increased capacity and reach make the JLG 520AJ a popular choice in various industries. It's ideal for sectors such as construction, where the need to reach elevated, hard-to-reach areas is paramount. Additionally, it excels in maintenance tasks in large facilities. Whether it's installation projects, building inspections, or executing tasks at challenging heights, the JLG 520AJ is a reliable and efficient choice
In summary, the JLG 520AJ Diesel Boom Lift's exceptional features such as the increased platform height and capacity, along with an extended horizontal outreach, lend themselves to a wide array of tasks in diverse sectors. The combination of superior fuel efficiency and faster elevation time leads to improved worker efficiency and reduced operational costs. From construction projects to maintenance duties in expansive facilities, the JLG 520AJ continually proves its value as a versatile, dependable, and economic choice for tackling tasks at impressive heights. 
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