JLG ES 1932 



The JLG ES 1932 Electric Scissor Lift is available for hire to meet elevated work requirements. This model offers a significant maximum working height of 7.80 metres, enabling you to carry out tasks at considerable elevations without any compromise on performance or dependability. Whether for short-term projects or longer-term operations, this robust machinery hire option is designed to bring efficiency and safety to your work sites. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
7.80 m 
Raised Platform Height 
5.80 m 
Stowed Height (rails up) 
2.1 m 
Stowed Height (rails down) 
1.99 m 
0.81 m 
1.74 m 
1564.89 kg 
Deck Extension  
0.86 m 
Platform Capacity 
230 kg 
Power Source 



JLG ES 1932 Overview 

The JLG ES 1932 is not just a machine of power and precision; it also upholds a commitment to environmental sustainability. This electrically powered scissor lift operates emission-free, producing no harmful fumes, making it a responsible choice for projects committed to environmentally conscious practices. 
One standout feature of the JLG ES 1932 is its helpful rollout deck extension. This innovative attribute offers a practical solution for overcoming obstacles, increasing the versatility of the machine and making it an indispensable tool for various work situations. 
From a technical perspective, this model comes with a maximum platform height of 5.80 metres, making it ideal for tasks requiring significant vertical reach. Additionally, the compact overall width of 0.81 metres and a stowed height of 1.99 metres ensure the unit's manoeuvrability and easy storage. Its robust platform supports a capacity of up to 230kg, making it suitable for carrying both personnel and equipment. Despite the substantial carrying capability, the gross machine weight remains at a manageable 1564.89 kg. 
The JLG ES 1932 Electric Scissor Lift displays a commendable gradeability of 25%, coupled with non-marking tyres, further enhancing its versatility across varied work environments. Its overall length of 1.74 metres adds to its compact design, making it a fitting choice for sites with space constraints. 
The JLG ES 1932 finds utility across numerous industries. It’s widely utilised in the construction sector for tasks like installation and maintenance, and it's also a popular choice for facility management in large warehouses, where its impressive height is necessary for tasks such as high shelving stocking and maintenance. Additionally, it's employed in event venues for setting up and dismantling equipment or decorations at height. 
In conclusion, the JLG ES 1932 Electric Scissor Lift stands as a perfect blend of height, compactness, power, and environmental responsibility. Its impressive technical specifications and features, combined with its sustainable operation, make it a robust and responsible choice for your high access requirements. 
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