JLG ES 2632 



The JLG ES 2636 Electric Scissor Lift offers a robust working height of 9.75 metres when operated indoors and 8.4 metres outdoors, enabling users to carry out tasks at great heights safely and efficiently. The compact build of this machine allows it to navigate with ease in tight spaces, ensuring its effectiveness in a wide variety of environments. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
9.75 m 
Raised Platform Height 
7.8 m 
Stowed Height (rails up) 
Stowed Height (rails down)  
0.81 m 
2.4 m 
1996 kg 
Deck Extension 
0.9 m  
Platform Capacity 
230 kg 
Power Source 



JLG ES 2632 Overview 

The JLG ES 2636 distinguishes itself with its impressive carrying capacity. The platform can support up to 230 kg when used indoors and up to 125 kg when operated outdoors. Moreover, the platform extension offers a consistent 120 kg capacity, regardless of indoor or outdoor use, showcasing its robust construction and versatility. 
This model can safely accommodate two occupants when working indoors, while for outdoor operations, it safely supports one occupant. This variable occupancy capacity makes the JLG ES 2636 a versatile tool to meet the changing demands of your projects. Plus, the lift and lower times remain efficient, ranging from 33 to 39 seconds, depending on the load. 
One remarkable feature of the JLG ES 2636 is its driveability at maximum height. The model can be safely driven at a height of 7.8 metres, offering a significant advantage when performing tasks that require frequent changes in position at considerable elevations. 
Despite its sturdy construction and functionality, the JLG ES 2636 maintains a manageable weight of 1,996 kg. It also exhibits a maximum ground bearing pressure of 7.5 kg/cm², indicating its stable and safe operation. 
The JLG ES 2636 Electric Scissor Lift is designed for manoeuvrability and precision. It offers a lowered drive speed of 4.4 km/h and a raised drive speed of 0.8 km/h. It can handle gradients up to 25%, and boasts a maximum tilt rating of 3.5 degrees fore and aft, and 1.5 degrees side to side. Furthermore, the model demonstrates a remarkable turning radius, allowing for tight turns with a zero inside turning radius and a 2.24-metre outside turning radius. 
In conclusion, the JLG ES 2636 Electric Scissor Lift is an excellent blend of height reach, load capacity, and manoeuvrability. Its superb technical specifications and standout features make it an ideal choice for your high-reach requirements. This reliable and flexible machine is ready to elevate your operations to new heights. 
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