JLG ES 3246 



The JLG ES 3246 is a proficient electric scissor lift that excels in performance and efficiency. It achieves a platform height of 9.58 metres, providing an impressive reach that proves invaluable across an array of applications. Capable of bearing up to approximately 320 kilograms, it offers plenty of room and support for personnel and their tools, ensuring tasks are completed effectively and safely. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
11.58 m  
Raised Platform Height 
9.58 m 
Stowed Height (rails up) 
2.5 m 
Stowed Height (rails down) 
2 m 
1.17 m 
2.4 m 
2549.18 kg 
Deck Extension  
0.91 m 
Platform Capacity 
320 kg 
Power Source 



JLG ES 3246 Overview 

One of the JLG ES 3246's distinctive features is its extraordinary battery life. The lift can operate for prolonged periods on a single charge, offering double the battery life of comparable models. This significant enhancement to productivity minimises downtime and supports longer periods of operation. With a machine width of roughly 1.17 metres, it is compact enough to navigate confined spaces, thus increasing its versatility. 
The JLG ES 3246 has been designed with environmental sensitivity in mind. It comes with the optional CleanGuard leak containment system, making it ideal for working on sensitive flooring without inflicting damage. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments with delicate flooring, such as heritage buildings, luxury retail outlets, and upscale residential properties. 
The JLG ES 3246's electric drive, integrated components, and minimised hydraulic parts dramatically reduce the risk of leaks. This innovative design not only diminishes the need for service calls but also lengthens the machine's lifespan, ultimately reducing operating costs. 
Typically utilised for indoor tasks in a variety of construction, installation, and maintenance sectors, the JLG ES 3246 electric scissor lift is perfect for duties such as installing electrical fixtures and cabling, ductwork, drywall, ceiling panels, and overhead sprinklers. Given its ability to fit through a standard double door, it offers a spacious and easily accessible working platform for operators. With its combination of advanced features and practical design, the JLG ES 3246 stands as a reliable and efficient solution for elevated work requirements. 
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