JLG R4045 



The JLG R4045 Electric Scissor Lift brings together compact design, reliable functionality, and outstanding performance to provide an ideal solution for elevated tasks. Boasting a maximum working height of 13.96 metres, this machine demonstrates a perfect blend of strength and flexibility, making it a preferred choice across various industries. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
13.96 m  
Raised Platform Height 
11.96 m 
Stowed Height (rails up) 
2.53 m 
Stowed Height (rails down) 
1.9 m 
1.14 m 
2.71 m 
3175 kg 
Deck Extension  
0.91 m 
Platform Capacity 
250 kg 
Power Source 



JLG R4045 Overview 

One of the key features of the R4045 is its slim form factor, measuring just 1.14 metres in width. This compactness makes it one of the narrowest electric scissor lifts available in its class. Its design is specifically suited to cater to tasks in confined spaces, such as aisles in warehouse distribution centres, facilitating manoeuvrability without compromising on functionality. 
The JLG R4045 boasts a platform capacity of 350 kg, accommodating equipment and multiple operatives for increased productivity at height. With a platform height reaching up to 11.96 metres, the lift offers a significant vertical reach while maintaining a stowed height of a mere 1.92 metres. This feature combines convenience and functionality, ensuring the lift is as easy to store as it is to operate. 
In terms of build and design, the JLG R4045 has been specifically crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the most challenging job sites. Its robust construction, featuring an all-steel platform and steel component trays, guarantees durability and longevity. The machine has a gross weight of 3175 kg and is fitted with non-marking tyres, minimizing impact on working surfaces. 
The R4045's simplicity is one of its most attractive features. A simplified pothole protection system, with fewer moving parts, not only enhances safety but also reduces the frequency of service calls. This dependable system, coupled with a gradeability of 25%, ensures the machine remains steady and stable even on inclined surfaces. 
In essence, the JLG R4045 Electric Scissor Lift is an excellent choice for tasks requiring vertical access in space-limited settings. Its superior functionality, compact design, and sturdy build make it an optimal solution for industries ranging from construction and warehousing to retail and facilities management. Its remarkable performance, paired with its ease of operation, sets the JLG R4045 apart in its class. 
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