The LGMG SR0818D lifts' solid construction and user-friendly operation are among the qualities that our clients appreciate. The incorporated hydraulic oil coolers, is an essential feature that addresses a prevalent issue concerning access platforms: overheating hydraulic oil. These coolers significantly mitigate this issue, particularly when the lifts are required to cover substantial distances within tunnels to reach the intended worksites. The large decks of these lifts are designed to accommodate up to four individuals simultaneously, a crucial aspect for tunnel work. It allows multiple individuals to cooperate effectively while installing extensive and weighty equipment, including lighting, ducting, and air filtration systems. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
9.7 m 
Raised Platform Height 
7.7 m 
Stowed Height (rails up) 
2.58 m 
Stowed Height (rails down) 
1.89 m 
1.79 m 
3.11 m 
4054 kg 
Deck Extension  
1.52 m 
Platform Capacity  
680 kg 
Power Source 



LGMG SR0818D Overview 

The SR0818D impresses with its formidable capabilities. It offers an imposing working height of 9.7 metres, which is approximately the same as a three-storey building. This feature, combined with a sturdy platform capacity of 680kg and the added flexibility of a 140kg capacity on its 1.52-metre roll-out deck extension, makes this machine an unrivalled solution for high-reach tasks in rugged terrains. Whether you're in the construction, maintenance, or event setup industry, the SR0818D is ready to tackle the challenge. 
Thoughtfully designed for compact efficiency, the SR0818D boasts an overall width of 1.79 metres and a length of 3.11 metres. The stowed height is 2.58 metres with the rails up, folding down to a manageable 1.89 metres, allowing it to fit into various spaces comfortably. Its 1.6-metre wide platform extends from an initial length of 2.8 metres to an impressive 4.3 metres with the platform extension, offering generous workspace. 
The SR0818D sets itself apart with its Kubota diesel-powered engine, four-wheel drive, and two-wheel steering, a configuration that provides excellent mobility and control in challenging conditions. With a commendable 40% gradeability, it smoothly navigates slopes, making it suitable for various terrain types. Additionally, the provision of levelling jacks further enhances stability during operation, making it an ideal choice for tasks such as road tunnel maintenance projects. 
One notable feature of the SR0818D is its built-in hydraulic oil cooler. This addition addresses common challenges with access platforms, such as overheating of hydraulic oil, especially when travelling over long distances in tunnels to reach worksites. In addition to this, its large deck can accommodate up to four people at a time, a critical factor in tasks requiring collective effort, like installation of heavy equipment in tunnels. 
In conclusion, the LGMG SR0818D Compact Diesel Rough Terrain Scissor Lift presents a superior choice for your outdoor, high-reach requirements. Its powerful performance, complemented by thoughtful design features and robust construction, promises reliability and ease of operation, making it a truly valuable asset for a wide range of applications. 
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