HINOWA 33.17 



The Hinowa 33.17, in the simplest of terms, is rather like a high-reaching ladder with a clever bit of engineering behind it. It's capable of going up to an impressive 33 metres - roughly the height of a 10-storey building. This is combined with a lateral reach of 17 metres, extending sideways when needed. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
32.5 m 
Raised Platform Height 
30.5 m 
Working Outreach  
16.5 m 
1.196 m 
6.5 m 
Stowed Height 
2 m 
7480 kg) 
Platform Capacity  
230 kg 
Power Source  
Hinowa 33.17 tracked spider lift hire from PG Platforms



Hinowa 33.17 Overview 

Powered by a strong diesel engine, it also boasts an optional electric motor for when quiet operation is preferred. It features a spacious platform at the top, robust enough to carry up to 230 kilograms - around the weight of two adult men, giving you an idea of its strength. 
With considerable mobility and being equipped with crawler tracks, means it is capable of manoeuvring across rough ground with ease. When not in use, the Hinowa 33.17 can neatly fold up to a mere 1.4 metres wide, allowing it to effortlessly pass through domestic doorways. 
Additionally, this machine is designed to set itself up efficiently, a feature which saves time and effort for its operator. A built-in levelling system ensures safety by maintaining balance at great heights. 
The Hinowa 33.17 is appreciated by many trades. Construction workers use it for tasks such as repairing building facades or installing windows, particularly when the ground beneath is uneven. Tree surgeons find it useful for getting up high into tall trees. And it's even put to work in the world of film and events, hoisting cameras and lights for optimal filming. 
To paint a picture, consider an old, heritage-listed building in need of restoration. Traditional scaffolding might not be suitable due to the delicate structure. However, with the Hinowa 33.17, the team can easily navigate around, reach high spots, and carry out their work without causing harm to the building.  
From reaching the towering heights of a construction project to delicately manoeuvring around a historic site, the Hinowa 33.17 has become an indispensable tool across several industries. This efficient, safety-oriented machine not only makes lofty tasks manageable but also champions adaptability in challenging environments. 
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