HINOWA LL 26.14 



The Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIs is a game-changer in the world of boom lifts. With an impressive working height of 25.7m and an expansive 13.6m outreach, this equipment is designed for excellence. Its ability to support up to 230kg consistently across its range ensures safety while maintaining operational flexibility. Notably, its crawler chassis and retractable design make it suitable for a diverse range of terrains and spaces, making it a top pick for professionals seeking efficiency and adaptability for challenging projects. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
50’5” (15.4 m) 
Raised Platform Height 
44’ (13.4 m) 
Lowered Platform Height 
78” (1.99 m) 
Overall Width 
29.1” (0.74 m) 
Overall Length 
165” (4.2 m) 
4,299 lbs (1950 kg) 
Capacity (Overall) 
507 lbs (230 kg) 
Stowed Height 
78” (1.99 m) 
Turning Radius (Outside) 
Hinowa  26.14 tracked spider lift hire from PG Platforms



Hinowa LightLift 26.14 Overview 

If you're on the hunt for a reliable, adaptable, and efficient boom lift for your upcoming tasks, the Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIs is set to impress. Boasting capabilities such as a maximum working height of 25.7m and an extensive 13.6m outreach, this machine lift is engineered for performance. It doesn't just stop at reaching difficult areas with ease; it can accomodate up to 230kg - ideal for two professionals and their equipment to work simultaneously without any compromise on stability or safety. 
The Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 is distinctively designed for efficient performance and versatility. One of its impressive features is the three-speed drive system, ensuring that the machine reaches its work location promptly. Built on a specialised crawler chassis, it's not only stable but also gentle on surfaces, making it perfect for navigating uneven, hilly, or soft terrains.  
When it comes to tight spaces or navigating through narrow passageways, the Lightlift 26.14 shines, as it can compactly retract to a width of just 990mm. For those concerned about transportation and storage, this machine is a dream come true. Its overall length can be reduced to under 6m thanks to a cleverly designed detachable basket, emphasizing its adaptability and convenience for users. 
For contractors, builders, or any professional engaged in height-dependent tasks, the Hinowa Lightlift 26.14 Performance IIIs emerges as a top contender.  
Contact us learn more about its features and understand how it can help challenging elevated tasks and environments. 
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