The Multitel 201 Telescopic Aerial Platform offers a remarkable blend of engineering and reliable powered access. Installed on a robust 3.5-ton truck, this platform machine can elevate to a remarkable 18.1 metres. To visualise, this is comparable to the height of a 6-storey building, all achieved by a compact vehicle. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
20.1 m 
Raised Platform Height 
18.1 m 
Working Outreach 
12.6 m 
Platform Capacity 
225 kg 
Transportation Length 
6.65 m 
Transportation Width 
2.05 m 
Max Stabilisation Width 
3.4 m 
Stowed Height 
2.995 m 
3500 kg 
Power Source  
Multitel MJ201 vehicle mounted lift hire from PG Platforms



Multitel MJ201 Overview 

A member of the reputable Multitel range, this 20-metre telescopic truck-mounted platform has been crafted with user convenience and safety in mind. 
Mounted on a solid 3.5-ton truck, the MJ201 is not just a simple lift, but rather a mobile elevation solution. Its capacity to reach a maximum working height of 20 metres can be compared to the height of a five-story building, allowing users to handle tasks at significant altitudes with confidence. 
A distinguishing feature of the MJ201 is its fully hydraulic controls, providing operators with precise and smooth control over the platform's movement. This enhances safety and ease of use, especially when working at the lift's maximum height. 
The MJ201's capabilities extend beyond its elevation. It boasts an outreach of up to 9.2 metres, depending on the weight in the basket, allowing operators to navigate horizontally as well as vertically. This makes it the ideal choice for tasks that require a combination of height and reach. 
The industries served by the MJ201 are as diverse as its capabilities. Utility and telecoms companies, window cleaners, tree surgeons, and even film crews find value in its offering. For instance, imagine a city-wide telecoms company needing to maintain their overhead infrastructure. The Multitel MJ201 could effortlessly manoeuvre between sites, providing safe and efficient access to the task at hand. 
In essence, the Multitel MJ201 is a perfect blend of mobility, height, and outreach capabilities, making it a truly versatile tool for any tasks demanding elevated access. 
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