GSR 228TJ 



The GSR 228TJ is a vehicle mounted lift, notable for its impressive reach height of 21.60 metres, making it an asset for any task requiring considerable elevation. Given its reach, this aerial work platform proves useful in various industries such as construction, maintenance, and any field requiring access to hard-to-reach areas. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
22 m 
Raised Platform Height 
20 m 
Working Outreach 
17.6 m 
Platform Capacity 
280 kg 
Transportation Length  
8.825 m 
Transportation Width 
2.1 m 
Max Stabilisation Width 
3.85 m 
Stowed Height 
3.525 m 
7.5 t 
Power Source 
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GSR 228TJ Overview 

Housed on a base, the GSR 228TJ closes to a length of 8.83 metres and can compact down to a height of 3.35 metres, thus being efficiently manoeuvrable and storable. As an added convenience, the machine features a turning radius of zero, meaning it can pivot on the spot, aiding with precise adjustments and optimising space usage when in operation. 
The machine's breadth measures 2.40 metres, ensuring stability when in use, whilst its robust structure allows for a significant lifting capacity of 280kg. This can comfortably accommodate the weight of workers and their essential tools, enabling seamless execution of tasks at height. 
The cage, which is the operative station, is sizeable at 0.80 by 1.80 metres. This platform provides adequate space for movement and tool arrangement while ensuring workers' safety. As an added benefit, the platform also has the ability to rotate, thus providing workers with a range of motion to tackle their tasks effectively. 
The GSR 228TJ operates on diesel, providing a reliable power source that is easily accessible and practical. This aerial platform also fits within the IPAF category 1b, indicative of a mobile, vertical outreach platform. Furthermore, the lift comes in at a weight of 8000kg, testament to its robust design and durability, ensuring it's built to withstand the rigours of use across various industries. 
From facilitating high-rise works in construction, maintenance and repair tasks in the telecommunications and utilities sectors, to aiding facility management and maintenance, this lift is designed to tackle diverse challenges. Its benefits are even evident in the arboriculture sector for tree care tasks, and in the events industry for the erection and disassembly of large-scale structures. Overall, the GSR 228TJ is a versatile and reliable workhorse, designed for safety and efficiency in tackling tasks that require working at significant heights. 
In summary, the GSR 228TJ vehicle mounted lift presents a versatile and sturdy solution to handling high reach tasks across numerous industries. Its unique design features and reliable operation simplify access to heights and make it an asset to any workforce. 
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