The Multitel MZ 250 is a truck-mounted, articulated aerial platform designed to offer superior height access capabilities. With an impressive maximum working height of 25.1 metres, this platform is fitted onto a compact 3.5-ton truck with a 3000mm wheelbase. A distinguishing feature of this platform is its ability to deliver optimal performance without compromising on speed and compactness, making it a convenient and practical choice for many industries. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
25.1 m 
Raised Platform Height 
23.1 m 
Working Outreach 
14.35 m 
Platform Capacity 
250 kg 
Transportation Length 
6.29 m 
Transportation Width 
2.1 m 
Max Stabilisation Width 
3.4 m 
Stowed Height 
2.895 m 
3.5 t 
Power Source  
Multitel MZ250 vehicle mounted lift hire from PG Platforms



Multitel MZ250 Overview 

A standout feature of the MZ 250 is its remarkable horizontal outreach. At its maximum extension of 14.35 metres, the platform can safely accommodate a load of up to 80kg. This capacity increases to a substantial 250kg when the outreach is at 10.35m. This makes it suitable for jobs that require heavy equipment or multiple personnel at height. 
Furthermore, the MZ 250 boasts an articulated jib, which increases its versatility. This feature not only allows a wide range of motion, but it also makes possible the unique capability of working below ground reach by as much as -2.5m. The turret, which rotates through a span of 400 degrees, coupled with a 1.4m x 0.7m self-levelling platform that can turn 90 degrees in both directions, ensures the operator can easily navigate around obstacles and position precisely at the work area, thereby increasing productivity. 
Ease of positioning and operation, even in tight spaces, is ensured through the use of hydraulic jacks for stabilisation, designed and manufactured in-house by Multitel Pagliero. An additional benefit is the platform's efficient use, optimised through the cage start/stop system. 
Finally, the platform's movements are managed by the Multitel MUSA system, which optimises performance based on load, boom rotation and stabiliser position. This feature, along with the proportional electro-hydraulic controls, provides smooth and precise movements, from both the platform and ground-level control panels. Internally housed piping and cables in the boom design avoid damage from obstacles or falling objects, further ensuring safety and longevity of the unit. 
To summarise, the Multitel MZ 250 is a robust and efficient machine that provides enhanced working capabilities and secure movements, making it an ideal solution for industries such as construction, maintenance, installations, renovations, tree pruning and more. This combination of features makes it a top choice for both rental and resale markets
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