The Palfinger P370KS is a first truck-mounted telescopic boom lift. This agile and versatile platform combines the best features from two renowned series, offering impressive flexibility and a compact design. With its wide range of applications across various industries, the P370KS is the go-to solution for accessing challenging heights and completing complex tasks with utmost precision. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
37 m 
Raised Platform Height 
35 m 
Working Outreach 
31.5 m  
Platform Capacity 
500 kg 
Transportation Length 
8.35 m 
Transportation Width 
2.5 m 
Max Stabilisation Width 
5.62 m 
Stowed Height 
3.85 m 
18 t 
Power Source  
Palfinger P370KS vehicle mounted lift hire from PG Platforms



Palfinger P370KS Overview 

One standout feature of the P370KS is its patented counter slewing system, which allows for slewing within the mirror width of the chassis. This innovative mechanism ensures enhanced manoeuvrability, enabling operators to navigate tight spaces with ease. 
The platform is equipped with a robust and spacious 2-meter-wide aluminium workman basket, capable of supporting a substantial load of up to 500kg. Additionally, it features an integrated Powerlift mount, facilitating efficient lifting and positioning of heavy equipment or materials. 
The P370KS boasts advanced technology, including a driver information system with a display in the cab and a premium basket control panel. These intuitive interfaces provide operators with real-time data and easy-to-use controls for seamless operation. 
To overcome challenging terrains, the platform offers a generous 1000mm stabilising stroke. This ensures stability and compensates for uneven surfaces, allowing work to be carried out safely and efficiently. 
An automated positioning system further enhances productivity. This feature simplifies the process of positioning the platform precisely, reducing setup time and enabling operators to focus on the task at hand. 
The PALFINGER P370KS finds its utility across various industries. In construction and maintenance, it provides access to elevated areas for tasks such as building inspections, facade renovations, or equipment installations. The versatility and power of this platform make it a valuable asset in industries like telecommunications, where it can be used for tower maintenance and installation. Additionally, it is suitable for applications in the energy sector, enabling efficient maintenance of power lines or wind turbines. 
In summary, the PALFINGER P370KS is an exceptional truck-mounted telescopic boom lift, combining agility, versatility, and power. Its unique features, including the counter slewing system and automated positioning, offer operators unrivalled performance and efficiency. 
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