Introducing the Palfinger WT 450 45m Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift, an exceptional piece of equipment. This model boasts an impressive working height of up to 43 metres, comparable to the height of the London's iconic Tower Bridge. Furthermore, it extends a maximum outreach of 28.7 metres, similar to the length of a cricket pitch. These impressive dimensions translate into remarkable reach capabilities, offering an unparalleled degree of flexibility for a diverse range of tasks. 
Technical Specification 
Height / Weight 
Max Working Height 
45 m 
Raised Platform Height 
43 m 
Working Outreach 
28.7 m 
Platform Capacity 
600 kg 
Transportation Length 
10 m 
Transportation Width 
2.5 m 
Max Stabilisation Width 
6.2 m 
Stowed Height 
3.82 m 
18 t 
Power Source 
Palfinger WT450 vehicle mounted lift hire from PG Platforms



Palfinger WT450 Overview 

The WT 450 doesn't just impress with height, it's also a sturdy and reliable workhorse. Its basket can carry an impressive 600kg - plenty for both personnel and equipment. Even more, the boom arm can swing round a full 540 degrees, which gives you a great deal of freedom and precision when positioning. 
The beauty of this truck-mounted machine is its portability. It's perfect when you need to work across different sites, for short-term hires, or when time is tight and you need to clear the site quickly once the job's done. Despite its robustness, weighing in at 18,000 kg, its closed size of 10m long, 3.8m high and 2.5m wide means it's easy to manage, whether you're moving it around or storing it. 
The Palfinger WT 450 is a versatile piece of machinery, ideal for a range of industries. It's a boon for utilities and infrastructure projects where high access is needed, for example working on power lines or bridges. It's equally at home on construction sites where safe, high access is needed. Plus, it's a favourite in facilities management, such as for high-rise window cleaning, and even in the film industry, where it's used for those dramatic high-angle shots. 
If you're not licensed to operate powered access machines, PG Platforms can supply a qualified operator, which means the kit can be used where and when you need it, without any hassle. 
To sum it up, the Palfinger WT 450 45m Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom Lift is a real winner, combining reach, strength and flexibility. With impressive features like a 160-degree cage rotation and a working width that can vary between 2.5m and 6.2m, it's a piece of kit that really does the job. 
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